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Mercenary(DPS)Closed Apply
Mercenary(Healer)Low Apply
Powertech(Tank)Low Apply
Operative(DPS)Low Apply
Operative(Healer)Low Apply
Sniper(DPS)Low Apply
Assassin(DPS)Closed Apply
Assassin(Tank)Closed Apply
Sorcerer(DPS)Closed Apply
Sorcerer(Healer)Low Apply
Juggernaut(Tank)Low Apply
Marauder(DPS)Closed Apply
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Raid Progression
Eternity Vault (8man Norm)                    5/5
Eternity Vault (16man  Norm)                 5/5
Eternity Vault (8man Hard)                     5/5
Eternity Vault (16man Hard)                   3/5
Eternity Vault (8man Nightmare)            5/5
Eternity Vault (16man  Nightmare)         0/5

Karagga's Palace (8man Norm)               5/5
Karagga's Palace (16man Norm)             5/5
Karagga's Palace (8man Hard)                5/5
Karagga's Palace (16man Hard)              3/5
Karagga's Palace (8man Nightmare)       5/5
Karagga's Palace (16man Nightmare)     0/5
Guild News

Full 3D REndering of all New Legacy Gear!!

Lovesy55, Mar 24, 12 5:40 PM.

New Ops in 1.2

Lovesy55, Mar 24, 12 5:30 PM.
First boss -

Zorn and Toth
1.4 million hit points each

Fun learning curve, this boss on 16's is ALL about positioning and tank swaps.

Get your tank swaps down and DPS positioning right and the fight is cake - a little differently done than 8 man which we killed with CKN the first afternoon operations were released.

Enrage timer on both 8 and 16 is easily doable in full rakata - I see no problems with people in 1/2 rakata making the enrage timer once you get the fight down. Which in my opinion is about right for what it should be. Being able to clear hard mode and get some rakata in EV/KP.

It took us a total of 18 attempts to get him down. We tried tons of different positioning strategies and once we found one we worked out the kinks then the actual kill wasn't too hard really.

So key here - Positioning.


Second Boss

Stormcaller Blast Tank and Fireband Battle Tank

We went in tonight and one shot this guy. to be fair we probably spent about an hour and a half of total previous attempts on them on Tuesday but only with 14 people.

This fight has a quite a few mechanics but mainly requires coordination and people to be situationally aware and the fight is pretty easy.

Didn't ever see enrage on this boss, not sure what the timer is but it is pretty relaxed as our kill was kind of sloppy with at least one DPS dead the whole way through.


3rd boss

Colonel Vorgath
Puzzle boss.

I was impressed with the encounter - the puzzle takes some figuring out on exactly what needs to be done, but once you get it, again, for a 16 man raid in full rakata the fight wasn't hard at all really.

Puzzle is unique and fun, we did hit the enrage on the boss - but again, sloppy kill with 2-3 people dead.


Final boss.

Warlord Kephess.

We did 3 attempts on him with 14 people (was after our normal raiding hours) and it took that many to figure out exactly what needs to be done and all of the mechanics involved in the fight.

All I am going to say about this fight is this. EPIC. Well done bioware. The fight is entertaining, engaging, requires coordination and is just all out a blast.

1.2 Ops preview Explosive Confilict

Waterproof, Mar 22, 12 3:43 PM.

Battle Master gear in 1.2

Waterproof, Mar 20, 12 8:16 PM.
WZ commendation costs of Battle Master gear in 1.2
Piece Warzone Commendations
Ear 625
Implant 625
Relic 550
Head 1075
Chest 1000
Bracers 550
Belts 625
Legs 1000
Boots 900
Offhand 1150
Weapon 1750

1.2 Gear Models

Waterproof, Mar 20, 12 2:54 AM.

New warzone preview and all pvp armor renders

Waterproof, Mar 18, 12 2:13 AM.
26:40 - All pvp armor sets preview
1:51:35 - Queue pop for new 1.2 warzone

Watch live video from darthhaterlive on TwitchTV

1.2 Lost Island Flashpoint Playthrough

Waterproof, Mar 17, 12 5:59 AM.

1.2 UI Customizaion Preview

Waterproof, Mar 17, 12 5:55 AM.

Watch live video from darthhaterlive on TwitchTVSkip to 8:30 for UI everything before that is just jumping around.

1.2 Armor Preview

Waterproof, Mar 9, 12 9:31 PM.

1.2 Preview

Waterproof, Mar 7, 12 3:14 PM.
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